JavaScript Frameworks that will Rule 2017

By Burke Holland

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    JavaScript Frameworks that will Rule 2017

    JavaScript Frameworks that will Rule 2017

Now that we're well into 2017, we can reflect and say in certainty that 2016 was another pivotal year for JavaScript. JavaScript has amassed unmatched popularity in the software development world, manifested largely by the sheer number of open source frameworks that are released each year for JavaScript developers. Without a doubt, 2017 is poised to be another year of exponential growth for JavaScript, along with its frameworks and libraries.

While there are specific libraries for various pieces of functionality, developers are primarily familiar with JavaScript Frameworks — the libraries designed to help compose the different pieces of applications. When analyzing the future of these libraries, it's important to recognize the fundamental way in which the model of open source technologies has changed: JavaScript has long enjoyed an almost entirely open source pedigree, while frameworks like Angular and React have entered a category of "Corporate Open Source," moving from being primarily promoted and advanced by communities to being primarily built and controlled by corporations.

Given the large corporate involvement in open source, we will likely see this trend continue in 2017. These frameworks are truly open source in the classical sense that they have enormous communities that surround and contribute to their success. Let's look at Angular, React, Vue and Aurelia, some of the most popular open source JavaScript libraries in 2016, and use their histories to predict their trajectories for 2017 (and beyond).

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Burke Holland is the Director of Developer Relations at Progress.

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