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  • Cross-Browser JavaScript Tips

    Take advantage of these tips to make sure that your JavaScript code can be executed in multiple browsers, ensuring that your application is cross-browser compliant.

  • Working with Ranges in Your HTML5 Web Pages

    In this article, Vipul Patel walks you through the basics of working with ranges in your HTML5 web pages.

  • Script Debugging Using the Internet Explorer Developer Tools

    If you've done much JavaScript development, you're probably quite familiar with Firefox's excellent Firebug tool for debugging your scripts. Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has a similar feature called Internet Explorer Developer Tools. It's purpose is to help debug JScript code, the version of ECMAScript that runs on IE. That's why code that runs perfectly in Firefox, may or may not encounter problems in IE. In today's article, we're going to cover a few of the Developer Tools' best features and some basics on how to use it to debug your scripts in IE.

  • Making Your Website Mobile - Part 4

    This is the final installment of our four-part series which discussed the topic of “how to transform your website into a mobile site. In this article we’ll discuss the best practices for properly coding your site in HTML5 and CSS3 with the goal of developing your website into a site that functions and displays properly on any mobile device. 

  • Making Your Website Mobile - Part 3

    This is part three of our four-part series that discusses how to transform your website into a site that will display properly on a mobile device. Part 3 of this series focuses on best practices for incorporating Google AdSense and analytics as well as a discussion of mobile fonts.

  • 5 Ways Site Pinning Will Transform Websites

    Site Pinning is one of those concepts that you see and think, "How did this not happen sooner?" It's a very simple concept and given how the walls between Windows and software applications have been falling over the years. Get a quick overview of site pinning.

  • Top IE 9 Site Pinning Features

    Of all of the powerful new features in Internet Explorer 9, few will impact your site as much — and at such a low development cost — as Site Pinning. With a few meta tags and JavaScript code, you can turn your website into a full-fledged Windows 7 desktop app, giving your site more traffic and longer visits at minimal investment of time. This walkthrough covers the best features to add first and how to add them fast.

  • Google Chrome - Do We Need Another Shiny New Browser?

    Chrome version 1.0 is out and it's market share is climbing. Curtis Dicken will show us why this browser may take over the Internet.

  • The Google Toolbar and Why you should be using it

    These days there are quite a few useful add-on tools for the most common browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. In this article we will explore one of my personal favorites, the Google Toolbar. As with most things Google, it's free and simple to download and install. Let's get started.

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  • So You Want A Style Sheet, Huh?

    So, You Want Text Commands, Huh?

  • So You Want A VBScript, Huh?

    So, You Want Text Commands, Huh?

  • So, You Want An Explorer Scrolling Marquee, Huh?

    So, You Want Text Commands, Huh?

  • So, You Want Some Explorer Commands, Huh?

    So, You Want Text Commands, Huh?

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